Low Carbon Timber for companies

HOLZ VON HIER (HVH) is called LOW CARBON TIMBER (LCT) in non-German speaking areas of the European Union (EU).

The HOLZ VON HIER / LOW CARBON TIMBER eco-label is listed in all relevant platforms for sustainable consumption, sustainable procurement and sustainable construction.

The protected umbrella brand HOLZ VON HIER / LOW CARBON TIMBER taps into megatrends and large customer demand potentials for you and thus creates unique selling points.

The implementation is simple, straightforward and fast. You can start immediately, for example, with a concrete upcoming construction project or object.

The tools not only make it easier for you to approach customers, but also help you find upstream suppliers and make your products visible in a variety of ways.

The most important in a nutshell …

  • Recognized environmental label

    The environmental label HOLZ VON HIER (HVH) resp. LOW CARBON TIMBER (LCT) recognizes outstanding climate/environmentally friendly products. It is tenderable, externally monitored and product-related. The eco-label is recognized as proof of sustainable responsible resource extraction (e.g. by DGNB and BNK) and is now listed in important platforms and guidebooks for sustainable construction, sustainable procurement and sustainable consumption.

  • Tapping market potential

    Trend studies show: for up to 90% of consumers and customers, regionally produced products are sustainable products. In a society that is becoming more and more ecological, HOLZ VON HIER (HVH) resp. LOW CARBON TIMBER (LCT) a growing customer group and provides competitive advantages.

  • The umbrella brand

    The use of the registered umbrella brand HOLZ VON HIER (HVH) resp. LOW CABON TIMBER (LCT) Facilitates your promotion and public relations to customers. Participating companies have a wealth of target group-specific information material at their disposal for addressing customers.

  • Growing network

    Behind HOLZ VON HIER (HVH) resp. LOW CARBON TIMBER (LCT) also stands for a growing number of businesses and companies of all sectors and sizes, because without businesses that offer climate-optimized products, there is no practical climate protection. The network increases the availability of such products and the exchange among them.

  • Suitable for any operation

    HOLZ VON HIER (HVH) resp. LOW CARBON TIMBER (LCT) is available for almost all wood products along the entire process chain, in structural, interior, exterior, energy wood, paper and others. Sustainability is not a question of size. HVH/LCT is usable for businesses of any size, from 1-man operations to large enterprises.

  • Innovative system

    Although LOW CARBON TIMBER is a recognized certification system and environmental label according to ISO 14024, its use requires minimal personnel, organizational and financial effort for companies. Through the innovative electronic mass balance system, companies can easily label products without the need for time-consuming audits, management systems or anything else. Product labeling can be easily integrated into day-to-day business.

Participation made easy : simple . flexible . favorable …

Why should I participate?

The need for sustainable consumption is becoming increasingly clear and more and more people are placing increasing value on ecological and sustainable products. Anyone who offers a real solution for more climate protection in today’s increasingly urgent climate debate is very interesting for customers.

With LOW CARBON TIMBER you address two outstanding, long-term megatrends, the trend towards greening and sustainable products and the trend towards regionalization and authenticity. According to renowned trend studies, 60% of consumers now specifically buy sustainable products. For 87% of these customers, these are primarily regionally produced products. With a LOW CARBON TIMBER certificate for your products, you will therefore reach a strongly growing customer group.

Many public sector clients are interested in promoting regional economic cycles and are looking for arguments for a justified selection of regional businesses in the context of tendering and procurement. As an eco-label that can be put out to tender, Low Carbon Timber provides an important bridge here and earns you important bonus points with local authorities and in the public sector, because more and more local authorities are integrating the eco-label into their tenders.

Presentation on the platform contributes to increased visibility of your business on the Internet and in the media. Low Carbon Timber bundles customers and consumers with special interests and makes them aware of your business.

download: Why is it worthwhile for me as a company?

How to participate ?

LOW CARBON TIMBER is simple and practical. Participation is possible at any time, even at short notice.
Find here 7 important reasons …

  • There is no need to set up an elaborate management system at the plant.
  • HVH is a product certificate, not an operating certificate. This means that a participating company can label individual products or batches using the electronic controlling system.
  • COC certification of Low Carbon Timber is compliant with ISO 38200. This also applies to the origin from sustainable forestry. You can therefore also bid on tenders that require wood from sustainable forestry without having to have your own coc certification according to FSC or PEFC.
  • LCT does not make any general restrictions on the company’s production and business activities. You can start with Low Carbon Timber at any time and expand as demand increases.
  • No need to install expensive software. All that is required is Internet access.
  • Participation is possible immediately, e.g. also for a concrete building project or object equipment.
  • Participation is associated with very low costs. Their solidarity contribution effectively flows into public relations work and the sensitization of customers and decision-makers.

download: How do I participate?

Who can participate?

Any company that produces, trades or processes wood products, from forest owners or forestry service providers to the sawmill and timber industry, the timber trade or manufacturers of various wood products and wood crafts of all kinds, can participate in the network and use the LOW CARBON TIMBER eco-label.

LOW CARBON TIMBER is suitable for large and small businesses, from 1-man operations to large industrial enterprises.

What does it cost ?

Low Carbon Timber is a real eco-label and certification system. Nevertheless, it is not only considerably easier to use than conventional certification systems, but also significantly more cost-effective, making it usable and affordable even for smaller craft businesses. You can find an overview of the contribution rules here:

Solidarity contribution scheme 2019 (up to 200 employees)

Contributions HvH-2018 over 200 MA


Here you will find answers to frequently asked (further) questions about LOW CARBON TIMBER:

FAQ Low Carbon Timber

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